Here are a selection of photos from Haworth and the surrounding area that can be found on different products in our Haworth Studio at 79 Main Street.

You have the option to select one of our photos below or send a photo from your phone by selecting the “Contacts” page above. You can also email your photo from your phone to Then tell us which “Product” you would like the photo on and we’ll do the rest. If there is any confusion at all about prices or size, give us a call on  (UK) 07535 445487 outside UK on 44 7535 445487


Haworth Collage
Haworth Main Street
Top of Main St #1
Haworth Wet
Top of Main St #2
Lower Laithe #1
Sheep Bridge #1
Kings Arms #1
Black Bull chicken
White Lion #1
View up Main St #1
View down Main St #1